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  1. Papal condolences for fire victims in Bangladesh (Vatican Press Office)
  2. Papal condolences for victims of landslide in Liberia (Vatican Press Office)
  3. 'The future of the Church in Africa, Asia and Latin America is in your hands,' Vatican official tells seminary rectors (Fides) - “We are convinced that the future of the Church depends on the quality of its priests,” said Tanzanian Archbishop Protase Rugambwa, secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, who has inaugurated a course at the Pontifical Urbananiana University to form seminary officials in mission territories.
  4. Archbishop Scicluna calls on bishops to work to prevent abuse, process abuse cases ( - Addressing the Vatican summit on protecting minors in the Church, Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta said that “the way we bishops exercise our ministry at the service of justice in our communities is one of the fundamental tests of our stewardship and, indeed, of our fidelity.” The prelate is also Adjunct Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
  5. Bishops at Vatican summit hear from 5 abuse survivors ( - On the first morning of the Vatican abuse summit, the bishops in attendance watched video testimony from five abuse survivors.
  6. British inquiry into sexual abuse criticizes papal nuncio for lack of cooperation (RNS) - Alexis Jay, who leads the government’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse , said the commission’s members are “very disappointed about the lack of clarity” from Archbishop Edward Adams, the apostolic nuncio in Great Britain since 2017. She offered similar criticism of the Holy See.
  7. Cardinals Burke, Brandmüller challenge bishops to speak out, defend faith (CWN) -

    Cardinals Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmüller have issued a public challenge to bishops to speak out about the current crisis in the Church.

  8. Colombian cardinal urges bishops to take responsibility for their mission, act decisively ( - Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez of Bogotá addressed the Vatican summit on protecting minors in the Church on the afternoon of the first day.
  9. England's bishops urge lawmakers: limit immigration detention to 28 days (Catholic Church in England and Wales) - “indefinite detention leaves parents separated from their children with no indication of when they might be reunited,” the bishops’ conference said in a statement. “Victims of torture, victims of trafficking and people with severe mental health conditions are being detained indefinitely.”
  10. Eucharist desecrated, statues smashed in series of French church attacks (CNA) - At least ten incidents of vandalism or desecration took place during the first half of February.
  11. India: 29 incidents of anti-Christian violence in January (Fides) - “The data do not differ much from the trend of 2018, which saw an average of 20 incidents a month,” according to the report. The nation of 1.3 billion is 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 2% Christian, and 2% Sikh.
  12. Know the pain of abuse victims and heal their wounds, Cardinal Tagle tells abuse summit ( - “We humbly and sorrowfully admit that wounds have been inflicted by us bishops on the victims and in fact the entire body of Christ,” Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila said during the first major address of the Vatican summit on protecting minors in the Church. “Our lack of response to the suffering of victims, even to the point of rejecting them and covering up the scandal to protect perpetrators and the institution has injured our people, leaving a deep wound in our relationship with those we are sent to serve.”
  13. New York legislator tells Pope how his family saved Jews during Holocaust (Newsday) - State assemblyman Anthony D’Urso spoke with Pope Francis at his February 20 general audience. L’Osservatore Romano (Italian edition) also reported on the conversation.
  14. Pope calls for summit to produce 'concrete, effective action' on abuse (Vatican Press Office) - Pope Francis called for “concrete, effective action” as he opened the Vatican’s meeting on sexual abuse. The Pope encouraged participants—including the presidents of all the world’s episcopal conferences—to approach the discussions “armed with faith and a spirit of great parrhesia, courage, and concreteness.” To start off discussion the Pope distributed copies of policies from different episcopal conferences.
  15. Pope offers 21 points of reflection for Vatican abuse summit (Vatican Press Office) - “As a help, I would share with you some important criteria formulated by the various Episcopal Commissions and Conferences—they came from you and I have organized them somewhat,” Pope Francis said in his introductory remarks (CWN coverage). “They are a simple point of departure that came from you and now return to you. They are not meant to detract from the creativity needed in this meeting.”
  16. President Trump praises Covington Catholic pro-life student for filing defamation suit against Washington Post (New York Daily News) - Backtracking from an earlier statement, Bishop Roger Foys of Covington recently praised Covington Catholic high school students’ behavior at the March for Life.
  17. Priest murdered in Madagascar after bringing Communion to a sick person (Fides) - The nation’s leading prelate, Archbishop Odon Razanakolona of Antananarivo, decried “the inefficiencies and complicity of the police, saying that some policemen are in cahoots with criminals, to whom they rent their weapons,” in the words of the report.
  18. Respecting Catholic faith is 'our national duty,' United Arab Emirates foreign minister says (Gulf News) - A week after Pope Francis concluded his apostolic journey to the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan delivered an address entitled “Pope Francis in the Emirates: A New Dawn for the Middle East.”
  19. Vatican newspaper interviews 'Liar's Club' author about her conversion to Catholicism (L'Osservatore Romano (p. 9)) - “If you’d told me at any point in my life that I’d be baptized Catholic at forty, I would’ve laughed in your face,” said Mary Karr, author of the 1995 bestseller, in a rare full-page Vatican newspaper profile of a person’s conversion. Karr added, “I had a better chance of becoming a drug mule.”
  20. Venezuelan bishops urge prosecutors to uphold human rights in the face of violations (Vatican News) - The Spanish-language text of the bishops’ statement is available here.
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